My thanks for a tremendously joyful evening last night at Kay Meek Theatre. I am sure your inbox is full to burstin’ (with Broadway!)  open with praise and gratitude for the vitality and happiness you brought to all of us in the audience.I am one of the 80 on your wait list . Waiting hungrily in the wings for an opening. C. Lindsay

Singing has changed my life, and I owe it all to BWB.  That may sound corny, but BWB has the magic formula: the safety of a non-auditioned choir that encourages everyone to come out and sing, a group of 100+ people who are so warm, welcoming and encouraging that they feel more like family than a choir, and a director and team who really “get it”.  If it hadn’t been for BWB I might never have had the courage to try singing, and I might never have found my passion.  I can’t express how grateful that makes me.  – Damon H – Bass

Regarding the Whistler Retreat-I just wanted to thank you again for what was a tremendously joyful weekend for me. Making meals together, sharing favorite songs from the past, frantically rehearsing our barbershop number, performing in front of bright lights, gathering inspiration from Mr Emerson, and learning about the origins of BWB – retreat was a collection of noteworthy moments of joy I won’t soon forget.

Time, love, talent and sacrifice from so many have built a lovely community of people that I am beyond thrilled to have found. – Steve G. – Bass


On Tuesdays evenings, for two hours in North Vancouver, magic happens.  120 people of various ages and diverse backgrounds straggle into a rehearsal space.  You can feel the energy begin to build.  We leave our cares and worldly baggage at the door and, as we step through, we are transformed.  We are now singers – nothing else matters.  With Dominique and Caitlin to guide us we will craft, on occasion, a perfect tone, a luscious chord or an elegant phrase.  Time stands still.  We look at each other in awe at what we have created out of silence, for we have sensed the sublime.  We sing, we laugh and we support and care for one another as a family,  Who could ask for more from this life?  On Tuesday evenings, for two hours in North Vancouver, MAGIC HAPPENS. -Robin Blues (2nd year Bass)

Burstin with Broadway is the kind of choir that can become a centrepiece in your life. It is in mine! Our wonderful clinician, the eminent Broadway
arranger, Roger Emerson, said at our retreat last weekend: “You only need three things in life: something to do, someone to love, and something to hope for.” You can get all three of those in spades in our choir. And then there’s our fabulous director – steady and kind, challenging and supportive, organizer par excellence, a selfless musical genius – Dominique leaves nothing wanting – our maestra non pareille! – Marilyn – Sop1

This is my 5th year with BWB.  I love to sing and Dominique has given all of us in the group the opportunity to sing beyond our car or shower.  I’m not an extrovert (and yet not introverted) as many are in the group.  I’ve never felt intimidated or  out of place in this choral group – always included and energized by everyone around me as we sing.  I might walk in feeling tired from the day but I leave so uplifted.  I auditioned for a solo in my second year.  I really didn’t want to get a part – just wanted to go through the experience of auditioning.  Dominique made me feel very comfortable although I was soooo nervous.  Her ability to make all of us feel that we can contribute whether as a soloist or part of the group is a talent in itself.  We are one big singing family.  This is an amazing group to be a part of and I encourage anyone to join and feel what I feel each week. – Maureen Topley, Tenor

Burstin’ with Broadway has shot music and the love of music back into my life in an inviting, safe, nurturing environment, where I can be myself, make mistakes loudly, dance without a care, and have fun! I look forward to Tuesday night rehearsals all week, and always leave happy and energized. This group is amazing – it has truly changed my life and made it brighter! – Erika – Alto

I have sung with BWB for only a short time, but I have gradually come to realize one central and important truth: “Every single person here is little bit nuts (in a good way)”. BWB is a place where you are allowed, indeed encouraged, to set aside your I-am-a-serious-boring-grown-up facade, and unleash your exuberant, fun-loving, quirky side in all its splendor…If you like people, if you like to sing and laugh, and especially if you are a little bit nuts too, then this is the place for you! – Liz Knight Tenor

“I didn’t realize how much I missed having music in my life until I joined Burstin’ with Broadway” Brett – Tenor

Loved it and both my husband and I especially loved the second part after intermission…the whole concert was entertaining, lively, fast-paced ……lighting and background superb.  The director so obviously loves her work with the choir that it fills the audience with enthusiasm and of course, the singing was awesome.  – Audience member 2011 concert.

You would think as I did that walking into an existing choir with over 100 members would be intimidating for someone new joining the group. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! Burstin with Broadway welcomed me with open arms, made me feel a part of, and had me laughing and singing along with everyone on the first day of rehearsal. I am so thankful to Dominique and the BWB crew for putting in the effort to establish and continue this choir year after year. Going to rehearsals and performances throughout the season has been the bright spot of my week! I waited 2 years to clear the wait list and am so glad I hung in there. I can’t imagine not being a part of this choir now. We have become very close and I am so happy to continue singing for future seasons to come. The only dilemma now is – what to do with my Tuesday nights during our summer break?!

Thank you BWB! You are all amazing and I just love being a part of this choir!
Andrea Warner (Alto)

I have sung with BWB for only a short time, but I have gradually come to realize one central and important truth:  “Every single person here is little bit nuts (in a good way)”.  BWB is a place where you are allowed, indeed encouraged, to set aside your I-am-a-serious-boring-grown-up facade, and unleash your exuberant, fun-loving, quirky side in all its splendor..  If you like people, if you like to sing and laugh, and especially if you are a little bit nuts too, then this is the place for you!
Liz Knight – Tenor

I joined just over a year ago and this has got to be the friendliest, most welcoming choir I’ve ever been in! Dominique gives everyone a CD that has each part on it, plus a CD of the actual music. Both are extremely helpful for practicing at home.

We always have so much fun at rehearsals! Singing and laughter; two of the best things in life!

– Kathy (Tenor choir member)

Hello Dominique and Everyone Else Included in this Afternoon’s Concert,

Wow! Can’t begin to thank you enough for the wonderful concert at Kay Meek this afternoon. Unlike most folks there, my husband and I had never been to one of your concerts before. And, before we came, I asked my husband if he wanted to invite his brother and wife to come along with us. He said, “Oh, no. This is an amateur group and I’m not sure my brother would enjoy that kind of thing”. Looking back, of course, we SHOULD have invited them – and next time we’ll know. As we watched and listened, the “amateur” in your group transcended into “professional” very quickly.

My husband and I actually made our living (and were able to retire early) combining music, art work (supplied by West Van Art teacher, Royal Plant), storytelling, and childrens’ activities into a number of YTV series – many years ago. That probably doesn’t qualify me to deem something “professional” – but it does give me an overview – and I’m grateful for it.

Congratulations to all involved. We loved the show!

We spend all winter in Palm Desert, California. If it weren’t for that, I’d be signing up on your “wait list” for altos. Since I can’t get involved, I’ll be content to become an avid fan.

– L. Walker (Audience member)

I’ve spent the last few hours thinking…thinking…, how can I express myself adequately and concisely to Dominique? Well, it can’t be done and the moment will have passed if I try to get it all in.

The best word that comes to mind is *transcendent*. The synergy of yesterday’s performances was
so amazing for all of us! My family and friends all felt it and were blown away. They can’t express themselves completely either. My voice is hoarse from all the chatting today and last night.
My sister wants to move back to the mainland so she can get on the wait list. Even my brother thinks he might like to join!!! We’ll see.

I’m grateful that such a talented and accomplished person as you has made this experience available to us mostly “shower singers”. You bring out the best in all of us.

The time spent practicing this year has been thoroughly enjoyable. To culminate in a peak experience is such a gift.

– R. Quigg (Tenor choir member)

“Dominique has a particular talent of creating a space for all to feel safe, but most importantly for each of us to find the courage to stretch beyond what we feel may feel be possible. Her vision for the music & the choir is evident in everything she does. Dominique does all of this without any push, or ego and the process is truly delightful, engaging, and inspiring (oh yes and some work to memorize all those lyrics & music).”

– R. Andermatt (Alto choir member)

Choir Practice is the highlight of my week! The Burstin’ with Broadway choir provides enthusiastic company of all ages, both “When I first joined Burstin’ with Broadway I was told you don’t have to have a great voice and you don’t have to read music. I don’t have either skill. Nevertheless, singing in this choir has been a great experience for me and now I am raving fan.”

– S Fitzpatrick (Bass choir member)

Since joining my first choir , Burstin with Broadway, in October 2009 , I have experienced being warmly welcomed into a well organized and wonderful group of singers. I look forward to each week’s rehearsals when I get the opportunity to learn and sing a broad range of colourful Broadway songs with 109 other choir members who are there like me because we simply love to sing. I wish I had joined sooner.

– Tenor choir member

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