Understanding your choir music & Understanding your voice workshop

UNDERSTANDING YOUR CHOIR MUSIC with Dominique Hogan Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 12.05.21 PM
Workshop – Sept 17th 10am-12:00pm
Max 20 participants

This workshop is geared to the beginner choral singer who would like to gain a basic understanding of how to follow his/her choir music.

We will discuss how you find your part, how to read the clefs, notes, time signature, keys, basic musical terminology and markings you find in your music, we will touch a bit on sight reading. Bring your BWB music, we will be looking specifically at our repertoire. There will be time at the end to ask questions about your music.
When: Sat Sept 20th – 10am-1pm
Teacher: Dominique Hogan
Where: John Braithwaite Centre – Anchor Room
Cost: $25 (+ GST = $26.25)


Understanding your voice workshop for beginners – With Dominique Hogan

September 17th – 1pm-3pm –

When: Sat Sept 20th – 10am-1pm
Teacher: Dominique Hogan
Where: John Braithwaite Centre – Anchor Room


A little rusty? Thick folds, thin folds, chest voice, head voice, support, anchoring, glottal onsets you’ve heard these words in rehearsal but you just don’t get it, or maybe you kind of understand but would like to understand better.

Get more power out of your voice, and understand how your voice works

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