Deke Sharon – Whistler Workshops for BWB singers only












These are additional optional workshops for those who want to come early and get some more Deke Sharon work in a small group.


Friday November 17th – 2pm-4:00pm – Legends Resort conference room.  – Whistler Creekside

Sign up for both workshops and pay only $50.00 plus GST.

1. Beginning Vocal Percussion: $30.00 plus GST  – 2pm-3pm Friday November 17th

One of the most notable elements of contemporary a cappella, vocal percussion has become an essential element in presenting a dynamic, current sound with nothing but voices. Learn the fundamentals of this skill, weaving together bass drum, snare and high hat to provide a compelling groove, and begin to explore some additional sounds like cymbals, shakers, and wood blocks. 

IF you don’t know what vocal percussion is:

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2. Singing By The Numbers: $30.00 plus GST – 3pm-4pm –  Friday November 17th

 Wanna learn how to sing a cappella harmony without any sheet music? Using the diatonic scale (do-re-mi), learn how to use your ear and some very basic music theory to create interesting background parts to a wide variety of popular songs. 

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